Pride Gogo Ultra, Ultra X, Elite Traveller, Scooter Front Basket
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Pride Scooter Gogo Ultra X Elite Traveller Large Front Basket

Retail Price: $61.59
Price Ends at Midnight: $59.95
  • Manufacturer: Pride Mobility
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DWR9565E048
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If your looking to upgrade to a larger basket with a handle for your Go-Go Ultra X, Gogo Elite Traveller, Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus or your Gogo Sport scooter this is your oem replacement.

Description: Pride Mobility Go-Go Ultra X, Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller/Plus scooter and Gogo Sport Complete Basket and Mounting Bracket.

Includes: Basket Only with 2 mounting bars attached to the back of the basket (mounting bracket that attaches to the scooter tiller is no longer available)

Inside Opening Basket Dimensions:

  • Rear Height: 10"
  • Front Height: 8'
  • Front to Back (Depth): 8"
  • Left to Right (Width): 11" 

Manufacture: Pride Mobility Products

Models: Gogo Ultra X, Gogo Elite Traveller, Gogo Elite Traveller PLus, Gogo Sport

Model Numbers: SC40E, SC40X, SC44E, SC44X, SC53, SC54, S73, S74


Gogo Bracket Mounting Location:

Size Comparison:

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