Lift Chair Seat Recliner Hand Control Remote Toggle Switch Pride Mobility
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Lift Chair Seat Recliner Hand Control Remote Toggle Switch Pride

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  • Manufacturer: Pride Mobility
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ELEASMB6934 ELEASMB5868
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Pride Mobility Seat Lift Chair Recliner Serial Number Location

This Pride Mobility remote is tan in color with a single white toggle switch. The hand control has a straight 5 pin quick connector and it does not have the LED indicator light.

If your seat lift only works in one direction or not at all the hand control is a good place to start. We have found that if all the connections are tight going from the hand control to the motor and your motor is not making a bunch of noise when it does work then you have a 75% chance of having a defective hand control. It is also not a bad idea to have a backup chair lift hand control because when it does go when your in the reclined position it can make it very difficult to get out of the lift chair.


Questions? Answers:

I don't have a serial number. How can I find the right remote?

The best way is to remove the back off the remote and compare what you have to our images provided.

1) I have a toggle switch inside my remote: Check out the illustrated drawing above and pay close attention to how many wires are coming from the harness and the shape of the 5 pin connector.

2) Mine has a printed circuit board not a toggle switch: Pay very close attention to the image of the part provided. Looking very closely at the shape of the connector, the logo or lack of a logo and with or without an LED indicator light.

Pride Mobility Lift Chair Service Parts Manual.pdf

CLICK on your connector below to see more hand control options:

Manaufacture: Pride Mobility Products

Part Number: ELEASMB6934 (Hand control only Item:A1 Only) ELEASMB5868 (Hand control and Items:A1-A3)

Model Numbers This Item Fits Are Listed Below:

LC102 and LC105

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