Lift Chair Remote Seat Lift Recliner Hand Control Golden Tech.

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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ZK1200-HC
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This ZK1200HC remote hand control fits any Golden Technologies lift chairs and seat lift recliners made in the past 20 years with a 2 button remote hand control for lift and recline. This wood grain remote replaces the old remote hand control shown in the pictures below.


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Manufactue: Golden Technologies

Model Names: Cambridge, Cambridge, Williamsburg, Oxford, Regal, Burlington, Shiatsu, Transfer, Savannah, Comforter, Capri, Monarch.

Model#: All lift chairs made in the past 20 years by Golden Technologies.

PR-401-SME, PR-401-MLA, PR-747, PR-710, PR-751TY, PR-722, PR-724, PR-451, PR-930, PR-501JP, PR-501S, PR-501M, PR-501L, PR-501T, PR-501S-23, PR-501M-26D, PR-501L-26D, PR-501T-28D, PR-502, PR-200, PR-355M, PR-355L PR-359M, PR-359L.

Part#: ZK1200-HC


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