Grab Bars 1-1/2" NO DRILL Shower/Bathroom ADA Compliant GrabBars
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Grab Bars 1-1/2" NO DRILL Shower/Bathroom ADA Compliant GrabBars

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  • Manufacturer: Innovative Product Sales International
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GB380
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Grab Bars - ADA Compliant

Thank you for looking at the nie wieder bohren. (German for “no drilling required.”) heavy duty grab bars. nie wieder bohren. - Germany is an innovation leader in fastening technology. These bars have been engineered to exceed ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements and offer the ability to mount using the internationally patented nie wieder bohren. - no drilling required. -technology on premium surfaces such as tile, stone, glass and metal. The nie wieder bohren. – no drilling required. -adapter system allows for ease of installation, durability, performance and no holes in the walls! Another advantage of this innovative approach on fastening technology is that the system can be removed, if needed, with no damage to the surface. Moreover, with an additional set of adapters, the bar can be re-installed in minutes anywhere you like as long as the surface is suitable for the nie wieder bohren. – no drilling required. -system.


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