Battery Charger Mobility Scooter High Power Tech HP1202B
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Battery Charger Mobility Scooter High Power Tech HP1202B

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  • Manufacturer: High Power
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 3050318010 HP1202B
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This 24v 2A / 1.8A charger will work for most 24 volt travel mobility scooters (Gogo, Literider, Buzzaround) built in the past 10 years with a 3-pin XLR connector. It has the same inhibit technology in your factory charger that will not allow the scooter to drive when plugged into the wall as well. This charger also offers one of the best charging algorithms on the market today.

For 7 AH to 18 AH Battery Packs ONLY



Manufacture: Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility

Part# 3050318010

Model Names: BuzzAround Lite, Buzzaround Lite XR, Buzzaround LT, BuzzAround XL, Buzzaround XLS, Literider, PTC, Envy, Gogo Scooters, Gogo Elite Traveller, Go-go Ultra X, Gogo Ultra

Model Numbers: GB106, GB106XR, GB116, GB117, GB146, GB147, GL110, GL140, GP160, GB162, SC40, SC40E, SC40X, SC40U, WQBZ

Manufacture: High Power Tech (

OEM Part Number: HP1202B

Output: 24 volt 1.8 amp and 2.0 amp

24V 2A/1.8A Electric Handicapped Scooter Lead Acid Battery Charger HP1202B

 Model: HP1202B (Switching mode)
Output Current: 2A/1.8A dc ± 0.2A
Output Voltage: 24V ± 2%
Input Current: <1.2A
Input Voltage: 100-240Vac
Efficiency: AC-DC 82% min
Charging Method: Constant current, constant voltage
Output Detection: short circuit detection, reverse power protected, output voltage / current limit
Operating Temperature: 0~40°C
Operating Humidity: 20%~85%
Dimensions: L128XW67XH42(mm)
Weight: (approx.) 365g
Case material: Polycarbonate
Remarks: XLR3 connector
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