Battery Charger 24 volt 3 amp MRC Technology Inc MRC24-3LX
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Battery Charger For MRC Technology MRC24-3LX & MRC24-4LX Parts

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  • Manufacturer: Golden Technologies
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MBE-CCHGVA-35
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OEM Replacement Battery Charger For the MRC Techology Inc. Part#, MRC24-3LX (29.5 Volt 3 amp DC) & MRC24-4LX (29.5 Volt 4.1 amp DC)

Onboard Charger

The Companion on-board battery charger is compatible with Golden Technology Companion I and II scooter models GC221, GC321, and GC421. The U.S. power cord and 3 pin Molex connectors are included. The green LED on the charger will illuminate letting you know your scooter is fully charged. Battery charging time takes approximately 8-10 hours.


Manufacture: Golden Technologies

Model Names: Companion I, Companion II

Model Numbers: GC221, GC222, GC223, GC321, GC322, GC323, GC325, GC421, GC422

Golden Technologies Part Numbers: MBE-CCHGVA, MBE-CCHGVA-35

Manufacture: Battery Maximizer

OEM Part Number: A24030-10D

Output: 24 volt 3.5 amp

This is a DIRECT FACTORY Replacement For The Charger Below (Was Discontinued By Golden Technologies):

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